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Adventure Media Review, Banff, Breaking News, Climbing, Cool on Kickstarter, Film Festival, Film preview / 27.10.2014

  Of the many wonderful films schedule to premiere at the 2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival few are more eagerly anticipated than "Drawn" by climber and artist Jeremy Collins. The title sequence, posted this morning to Vimeo offers an exciting preview of the wonderful live action and animated feature film slated to be released for the 2015 adventure media season.   DRAWN Title Sequence from Jeremy Collins on Vimeo. The Joy Trip Project is made possible thanks to the generous support of fans like you at

Adventure Activism, Destinations, Diversity, Environmental Protection, Expedition Denali, Fly Fishing, Life Out Loud, Outdoor Recreation, Slideshow, The Adventure Gap / 21.10.2014

Often the guidance we need to create a brighter future can be seen through the fading images of the not-so-distant past. And by coming to a better understanding of where we have been we can set a path toward where we most want to go. Less than an hour’s drive from Downtown Denver, Colorado I discovered a carefully preserved memory of yesterday that has now become a dream of tomorrow. Founded in 1922 Lincoln Hills is an outdoor recreation facility under the care and administration of African-American entrepreneurs. Originally...

Adventure Media Review, Diversity, Expedition Denali, The Adventure Gap / 19.10.2014

[caption id="attachment_2062688" align="aligncenter" width="488"] photo by Carolyne Richardson Sutton[/caption] Under the weight of my backpack I resisted the urge to break into a full sprint as I walked with purpose down Pearl Street. Prone to sweat profusely with even the least physical exertion I moved through the crowd on the mall, dodging other pedestrians at a moderate pace but as quickly as possible. Though I was prepared to give my presentation at the Boulder Bookstore without the benefit of slides, at least one member of the audience who arrived early...

Adventure Film, Adventure Media Review, featured, Film Festival, Special Events / 07.10.2014

Ten years since its inception the Adventure Film Festival is still going strong. And even though its creator, artist and climber Jonny Copp, has passed away, his spirit endures through a thriving community of supporters who every year gather in Boulder Colorado to celebrate the legacy of a great leader. The program has expanded to include day-long exhibits and performances by local artists in an adventure street fair out in front of the Boulder Theater. The event has evolved well beyond the confines of a common film festival....

Diversity, Fly Fishing, Healthy Living, Influencers, Outdoor Recreation, Stand Up Paddling, Urban Revitalization / 29.09.2014

There is nothing more wonderful than the delight of an enthusiastic child. Of the all children who came out to Hunts Point Riverside Park to try Tenkara Fly Fishing for the first time Adrian, age 8, was by far the most over joyed with the prospects of getting a bite. “I really want one of these,” he said holding out his loaner fly rod. “I want to catch fish.” Adrian picked up the basic skill required to cast his line out over the Bronx River. A first time angler from...

Adventure Activism, Fly Fishing / 26.09.2014

Stand Up Paddle Boarding was the last thing I could do before I had both my hips replaced. After more than a decade of chronic pain due to osteoarthritis I made periodic shifts in what was once a very active lifestyle. Opting for one new activity after another, each more low-impact than the last I finally had a decision to make. When I lost my spot on the summit team for Expedition Denali, the first group of black climbers to attempt an ascent of the highest peak in...