The Joy Trip Reading Project


Reading is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and development. Certainly there is no better path toward self improvement than through the pages of a good book. In the hopes of leading a national dialog in particular on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion in outdoor recreation, environmental conservation and social justice we are proud to announce the creation of an online book club called

The Joy Trip Reading Project.

Organized primarily through the web-based platform Goodreads the JTRP aims to encourage the reading and discussion of books by authors who identify as Black, Indigenous or Persons of Color. These writers and educators have a speciality in exploring the intersection of the natural world and the cultural identities of the human beings that live within it. With a focus on those whose experiences in the outdoors are traditionally marginalized due to racial discrimination, this discussion group will address the root causes of the inequities of access to wild places. 

Each monthmembers of the club will engage in discussion on a specific title. If the author is willing we will have the opportunity to experience a  live, interactive forum on their book moderated by journalist James Edward Mills via a Zoom conference.

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To participate, sign up for a free Goodreads membership and join the Joy Trip Reading Project group. Look up the 12 titles for the year and add them to your reading list.


As a member of this reading group you will receive a notice when topic discussions are posted to the Goodreads platform. You will also receive an invitation for each of the online discussion events when they are scheduled.

Please be in touch in the comments below with your questions or contact me directly via email at


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The Joy Trip Reading Project is made possible thanks to the support of the

University of Wisconsin Madison Nelson Institute For Environmental Studies

With financial support from the Schlecht Family Foundation