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The Joy Trip Project

Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival / 02.11.2011

My wife Shamane, ace reporter and culinary connoisseur, asked while I was packing. “What kind of food will you eat in Banff?” Even after several visits to Canada I wasn’t really sure what kind of goodies I had to look forward to. So while I gave it some thought I stalled with the first thing that came to mind. “Canadian bacon,” I said as with chuckle.   A year ago I ordered breakfast with my friend writer and climber Jim Davidson, author of the new book “The Ledge.” At this mountain village café...

Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival / 31.10.2011

  I’ll probably never see the summit of Everest. I’ll likely not pilot a wingsuit from the snow-capped peak of the Eiger through the Swiss Alps. And even on my best day will I ever set a speed record climb to the top of Yosemite’s El Capitan. But I can dream, can’t I? [caption id="attachment_6280" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="courtesy of Cameron Martindell"][/caption] The 2011 Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival has begun in Alberta, Canada to give vision to the dream of high alpine adventure. My own aspirations notwithstanding I’m thrilled with the prospects of baring witness to those writers and filmmakers who have transformed their passion into reality. This gathering over 9 days is an much for me a Banff Mountain Dream Festival.
5Point, Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Review / 28.10.2011

Cold, a short from Forge Motion Pictures by Cory Richards and Anson Fogel, is the quintessential mountain film. Pieced together with loving care within hours of its premiere this summer at the 5 Point Film Festival, the movie has merit for all the critical details that make adventure media a genre unto itself. Showing next week at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Alberta, Canada, Cold has all the elements that define the modern adventure flick with real, raw, and relevant content that inspires audiences to edge of their seats and the heights of their own ambitions.
Adventure Activism, Adventure Media Review, Africa, Film Festival, Film preview / 26.10.2011

The latest installment of the random tandem adventure travel series by Dominic Gill and Encompass Films premieres this week at the Adventure Film Festival in the United Kingdom. “Take A Seat Egypt” peddles across the North African Sarah Desert to bring the story of this most ancient civilization as it makes the transition to democracy through non-violent revolution. In his third feature film Gill once again rides a tandem bicycle over 3,000 miles in the scorching sun while allowing random strangers to take the back seat and come along on the ride.
Adventure Media Review, Film Festival / 18.10.2011

Become what you dream at the seventh annual Adventure Film Festival premiere November 3-5, 2011 in Boulder, Colorado. Through the craftsmanship of award-winning filmmakers, extreme athletes, and adventurers take a rite of passage to live out your deepest desires in nature’s most mysterious and enchanting kingdoms. Presented by Patagonia, this three-day festival at the Boulder Theater and REI premieres a highly diverse collection of 40 insightful and award-winning outdoor and environmental films that share the spirit of adventure. Community Night kick-off party at Patagonia. Photography Seminar and Filmmaker’s Workshop...

Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival, Film preview, Manic Media Monday / 17.10.2011

  Last week the Banff Mountain Film Festival published its list of alpine inspired movies scheduled to be screened late this month in Alberta. A whopping 71 titles will be shown over nine days at the Canadian Rockies’ Banff Center. With adventure filmmakers, authors, athletes and activists en route from around the world to attend, the 2011 festival promises to be an exciting event to kick off another great winter season.
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