Adventure Activism, Backcountry, Banff, Diversity, National Geographic, The Arctic, Winter / 26.12.2022

The Joy Trip Project is excited to announce the 2nd recipient of the Matthew Henson Memorial Polar Explorer Scholarship. In partnership with Polar Explorers, an Illinois-based guiding company, we are pleased to award Christine Meissner free tuition to attend a five-day introduction to a winter travel training course in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of Northern Minnesota. Christine will be joined by last year’s scholar awardee Stephan Scott to help guide and mentor her journey in the world of cold weather overland travel. To honor the legacy of...

Adventure Media Review, Backcountry, Banff, Book Review, Film Festival, Podcast, Skiing, Snow / 30.12.2011

When it comes to adventure writing the sharpest literary minds draw on the subject matter they know best. Author Angie Abdou brings to her latest book themes from an ancient English text first made popular in the middle ages. "I was a medievalist in a past life, which is a weird thing to be," Angie said at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. "But before I took up fiction writing I taught medieval studies." You may remember from courses in English lit the classic travel stories known collectively as...

Adventure Media Review, Backcountry, Snowboarding / 06.04.2011

In the premiere edition of their new National Geographic Adventure mini-series producers Fitz Cahall and Bryan Smith do not disappoint. Fringe Elements is all about those individuals on the cutting edge of action sports and this new adaptation to snowboarding really puts athletes out there. Using a device called a Splitboard alpine snowboarders leave the groomed slopes and avalanche protected ski resorts behind. Powered only by sweat and muscle professional riders climb up to their objectives to carve turns typically accessible by helicopters.