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The Joy Trip Project

Interview, Podcast / 15.10.2009

CarrHagerman There’s a good chance that you’re one of those creative types. I’ll bet you’re the kind of person who derives a great deal of satisfaction from what you can make or do with your hands. You might play an instrument or you draw or maybe you like sing. And sometimes while you’re cooking I imagine you’ve been known to dance a little to the music on your CD player while you stir a pot of spaghetti sauce. And if don’t have one those jobs where paint, design clothes or build models, or even if you do in spare time you probably like to hike or climb or maybe mountain bike. All these are the many things we do express ourselves, how we perform to show the world who we really are. Knowing how to express yourself is an incredible gift and a talent Carr Hagerman learned to develop at early age.When he was 14 Carr started working as a street performer at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Using improvisational comedy and a host of characters he played off the energy of the crowds he entertained to create something special out of nothing but human interaction.
Capital Region Business Journal / 12.10.2009

Don SchusterThere’s an old joke. Show me a farmer and I’ll show you a man out-standing in his field. For guys like Don Schuster excellence in agriculture has never been more challenging. Increased government regulation, low market produce prices and a changing global climate make for an intricate labyrinth of obstacles to navigate.

Owner with his wife Theresa of Schuster’s Playtime Farm, this fifth generation crop grower is constantly coming up with new ways to make the most of his patch of land on Highway 12 just outside of Madison in the town of Deerfield. Through the fall months at the height of the harvest season he opens his property to the general public to provide a fun educational experience that also helps to raise money for those less fortunate in our community.
Commentary / 09.10.2009

Madison, WI was host city of the 19th Annual meeting of The Society for Environmental Journalists. Media professionals from across the country gathered to discuss among issues the impact of climate change on the planet and the role human populations will play in mitigating the threat of global warming. "The choice that this generation faces is an awesome one," said former vice president Al Gore in his keynote address. "Never has a single generation been asked to make such consequential decisions for future generations. I think we're up to...

Outdoor Recreation, Podcast, Ultra Running / 05.10.2009

An interview with ultra-distance runner Diane Van Deren It’s been my pleasure to interview some of the best endurance athletes in world. I’ve spoken to high altitude climbers like Conrad Anker and Ed Viesturs, extreme skiers like Scott Schimdt and ultra marathon runners like Tim Twietmeyer and Dean Karnazes. These men are incredibly tough individuals.  And with humility and grace all have made their mark on the world by pushing their bodies past the breaking point to achieve amazing feats of strength against incredible odds. But I have to...

Examiner.com, Outdoor Recreation / 02.10.2009

Let it never be said there’s no surfing in Wisconsin. A thousand miles from the nearest ocean, few if any breaking waves and vast bodies of water that freeze solid belie the logic of hanging ten on a long board. But the advent of Stand Up Paddling has changed that paradigm forever. Read the full story at Examiner.com>>http://www.examiner.com/examiner/x-15739-Madison-Outdoor-Recreation-Examiner~y2009m10d2-Stand-Up-Paddling-Prairie-Style...