Desert Fly – The Joy Trip Project

Desert Fly – The Joy Trip Project


I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of really weighty stuff lately so I figured it was time to put something up that’s just damn cool. This video is contributed by my Facebook friend Steph Davis. Even though we’ve never me in person we have 72 friends in common and I simply like her style

“I live in Moab, Utah, a mecca for everything outdoors,” says Steph. ” It’s a special place, not just because of its great beauty and landscape, but also because of the mindset of the people who live in the desert and in Utah.
“Many natural places in America are over-regulated to the point where it’s not possible to truly experience them, unless you are willing to stay in your car and follow the signs. Most of America’s greatest cliffs are located in National Parks, where base jumping, a truly low-impact, self-regulatory, human-powered pursuit, is outlawed for reasons which are unclear.

“Moab is the real land of the free: a place where you can wander the canyons, climb the towers, swim with your dog and fly in the blue sky. The more ways I can find to know this desert, the more I love it.”