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Business, Gear Review, Running / 11.09.2013

Even back in the 90s when heart rate monitors came on the scene I really hated wearing a chest strap. Though you might garner a certain amount of street cred as a serious athlete for having that black ban of dedication just below your nipples I had a hard time keeping it up, especially when swimming, and I secretly envied women’s fashion sense of sporting a shoulder harness. Lacking the courage to to wear a sports bra to keep the sensors in place I, like many amateur athletes,...

Business, Gear Review, Magazines, Stand Up Paddling, SUP The / 12.12.2012

After three years on the same standup board, it was time for an upgrade. When it comes to my personal equipment, I need to know that the gear will make a difference before I make an investment in something more advanced. Still uncertain of my paddling skills and relative fitness, I’m never completely sure that I’m not the problem. Long, slow training days trading strokes on the water made me want some kind of change. But when I ventured out for the first time on the Cross-Fit SUP...

Gear Review, Gear Whore Confessions / 14.09.2012

Ask any multi-tasker, hands free is always the way to go. So when the makers of the Capture Camera Clip asked me to test out their new device I immediately jumped at the chance. This sleek little gizmo makes the camera neck strap obsolete with a clever quick-release system that allows a photographer to snap his trusty SLR reporting tool on a waist belt or shoulder strap for easy and immediate access. In principle the Capture works beautifully, but after several weeks of use I discovered that its...

Adventure Media Review, Cool on Kickstarter, Gear Review, Photography / 30.03.2012

Cameras built into the latest iPhones offer incredible resolution. Taking high quality photographs and videos has never been easier. But a new product being promoted on Kickstarter offers a very cool bit of technology to remotely control your iOS devise and make something great even better. The Galileo attaches to your phone and tripod so that users can rotate, pan and zoom the camera wirelessly. Cutting down on shaky images common to handhelds this compact gadget can be guided nearby or over the Internet from anywhere..., Gear Review, Stand Up Paddling / 21.05.2011

No doubt I was over dressed for the occasion. Despite the weather on this cool spring morning a lap around Lake Wingra on my stand up paddleboard hardly called for waterproof protection. But in defiance of the pending rapture I decided a cold day in hell would be the perfect opportunity to try out the new Gore-Tex Lightweight Paddling Suit from Kokatat.