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The Joy Trip Project

Breaking News / 29.10.2009

Lost Base Gear_002Steph Davis is a frequent flier who regularly travels with a parachute. Accustomed to packing it as a carry-on it's only when flying coach that  this professional skydiver and BASE jumper checks her chute and the rest of her gear as luggage. But the next time Davis flies the indifferent skies she'll likely think twice about trusting an airline with her professional cargo. On a recent flight from Zurich to Washington/Dulles though she landed safely, her parachute did not. United Airlines lost her bag.
Commentary / 26.10.2009


An adventure film premieres in Madison on Wednesday. In a spate of one-night adrenaline injections following the Lance Armstrong pic Race Across the Sky and Warren Miller’s Dynasty, The Edge of Never plays at the Sundance Theater, 7PM $20.EONMoviePoster Set against the backdrop of Chamonix, France, this documentary tells the story of extreme skier Trevor Petersen. A hero of many true-life action films of the 80s and 90s, Trevor’s career was cut tragically short during a fatal avalanche in a region known as “the death sport capital of the world.”