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Commentary, Manic Media Monday / 01.10.2012

Over the weekend I watched an inspiring documentary film. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is the story of an 85-year-old chef in Japan that arguably makes the best raw fish, seaweed and rice in the world. True aficionados of sushi know that it is far than the sum of its parts. The mastery of this popular cuisine is the direct result of painstaking dedication and discipline. But as an occupation in this film sushi is a wonderful illustration of the joy and satisfaction we can find in our jobs,...

Adventure Media Review, Climbing, Film preview, Manic Media Monday, Skiing, Snowboarding / 21.11.2011

Sometimes aspiring athletes need a little guidance from experienced veterans to reach their highest potential. World-class climber Conrad Anker took a small team to lead newbie mountaineers to the summit of Denali and show them the finer points of performance at altitude. Used to shredding snow at lower elevations often dropped from helicopters champion snowboarder Lucas Debari and freestyle skier Sage Cattabriga-Alosa ascended to 20,320. Climbing this lofty peak the two earned their turns in a new film posted today from Camp 4 Collective called the Denali Experiment. Others...

Adventure Media Review, Banff, Film Festival, Film preview, Manic Media Monday / 17.10.2011

  Last week the Banff Mountain Film Festival published its list of alpine inspired movies scheduled to be screened late this month in Alberta. A whopping 71 titles will be shown over nine days at the Canadian Rockies’ Banff Center. With adventure filmmakers, authors, athletes and activists en route from around the world to attend, the 2011 festival promises to be an exciting event to kick off another great winter season.
Adventure Media Review, Climbing, Manic Media Monday / 03.10.2011

[embed][/embed] All That Glitters A new book from writer and climber Margot Talbot shows us the healing power of climbing. In All That Glitters: A Climber’s Journey through Addiction and Depression the author shares her personal story of how a relationship with nature turned her life around. Freedom Climbers Adventure writer Bernadette McDonald offers up an amazing true story of triumph in mountaineering. Her new book Freedom Climbers chronicles the lives of Polish alpinists who pulled themselves up through the devastating hardships of World War II and the demoralizing occupation of...

Adventure Activism, Adventure Media Review, Breaking News, Environmental Journalism, Manic Media Monday / 26.09.2011

The weather is getting cooler and fall approaches. But in this transitional season that marks the end of summer there’s still a lot of stories worth follow in the world of adventure and environmental protection. Here are the top six media picks for this Manic Media Monday! Nature’s Own Stimulus Package: 7 ways to improve our lives in tough economic times “Last Child in the Woods”, author Richard Louv offers some investment advice on how to get the most out life through nature. This is also “Take a child outside” week: