Manic Media Monday! September 26, 2011 – The Joy Trip Project

Manic Media Monday! September 26, 2011 – The Joy Trip Project

The weather is getting cooler and fall approaches. But in this transitional season that marks the end of summer there’s still a lot of stories worth follow in the world of adventure and environmental protection. Here are the top six media picks for this Manic Media Monday!
Nature’s Own Stimulus Package: 7 ways to improve our lives in tough economic times
“Last Child in the Woods”, author Richard Louv offers some investment advice on how to get the most out life through nature. This is also “Take a child outside” week:


Jane Goodall Celebrates International day of peace

Chimp scientist and naturalist Jane Goodall aims to teach what we can learn from animals. Celebrate an International day of peace and 50 years of primate research in Africa with a live presentation and film screening of Jane’s Journey

Merchants of Virtue

Business success need not come at the expense of the environment. Check out the new book by Bill Birchard that explores a company’s path from pollution to sustainability.
The Government is low-balling investments in clean energy

Lawmakers in Washington seem to be loosing interest in energy technologies that are clean or sustainable. “If renewable energy is to succeed, the federal government needs to support it, not slash its funding at every opportunity.”
Will Obama’s Recent Breaches of Trust on the environment really cost him dollars and votes?

The President has a lot of explaining to do on his environmental record to date. What price might he pay in the next election?
Wangari Maathai: Death of a Visionary

Green Belt Movement founder Dr. Wangari Maathai received the Nobel Peace Prize for her groundbreaking work in blending economic renewal and environmental protection on the African continent. “the first time it had gone to an African woman, and arguably the first “green Nobel”.
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