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From the moment I first arrived I was made to feel welcome. I remember on that first day, years ago,  I was greeted so warmly by Jim Olver the director of customer service at the Banff Centre For Arts & Creativity.

You just showed up and glommed on to one of my tours,” he reminded me. “Now look at you. You’re back as a big-time speaker.”

For more than a decade I’ve enjoyed the privilege of attending the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in Alberta, Canada. Like most aspiring adventurers I first became aware of Banff through the amazing films that tour the world every year and feature the best athletes in the sports of skiing, climbing, mountain biking and kayaking. I was also inspired by the remarkable stories of passionate people and communities that express their place in the world through an active relationship with nature. And despite marginal skills and few noteworthy accomplishments as an alpinist I managed to become part of this annual 9-day celebration of mountain culture. 

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There is nothing more wonderful than the delight of an enthusiastic child. Of the all children who came out to Hunts Point Riverside Park to try Tenkara Fly Fishing for the first time Adrian, age 8, was by far the most over joyed with the prospects of getting a bite. “I really want one of these,” he said holding out his loaner fly rod. “I want to catch fish.” Adrian picked up the basic skill required to cast his line out over the Bronx River. A first time angler from...

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Like many servicemen returning from war, Chad Brown found himself in a dark and troubled place. A graphic designer from Portland he struggled with deep emotional scars that made it difficult to find meaningful work and make worthwhile contributions to his community. It wasn't until a ex-girlfriend introduced him to the sport of fly fishing that Brown discovered a way express himself and begin an amazing journey to explore not only the natural world but the urban environment in which he lives. "Walking into a fly shop for the...

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Following up her 2012 "Streets of Afghanistan" project social activist Shannon Galpin has launched a new initiative to raise awareness for the plight of women and girls in Central Asia. Afghan Dreamers is a new book now in production with the help of Make Stuff Sharp that aims to further incorporate art as a powerful vehicle of change meant to transform one of the most violent and politically charged regions of the world. "Art has a power to reach people viscerally in a way that other work doesn't," Galpin...

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Shannon Galpin is one of ten 2013 Adventurers of the Year. Vote every day for the People’s Choice! On her most recent trip to Afghanistan in late October, human rights advocate Shannon Galpin returned a bit of the nation’s own culture. In a series of life-size photographs, the Colorado resident delivered artistic expressions of the Afghan people so often shrouded behind the vail of 40 years of conflict. Working to improve the health and safety of women and girls, Galpin, director of the nonprofit Mountain2Mountain, aims to provide a positive vision of beauty...

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A detailed summary of the social media conversation during the outdoor industry winter trade show

By Channel Signal Analysts James Mills, David Sweeney and Paul Kirwin At the 2010 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market boosters of specialty products and services had a unique opportunity to participate in a conversation about the show, brands and events. Broadcast over the #ORWinter Twitter feed hosted and monitored by Channel Signal, even outdoor professionals who couldn’t attend the event were able to login and share the flow of information “From my perspective, it was great to be able to participate with OR, without being there,” said William Roth (@williamroth), social network coordinator of the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander, Wyoming. “I liked seeing twitpics with new/conceptual products. I was able to learn about #guerillapanel and build my outdoor industry base of twitter users. It also made me realize just how much I need to be attending OR in the summer.” By simply including #ORWinter in their entries of 140 characters or less Twitter users shared photographs, videos and abbreviated links to blog web sites. Anyone on the planet with Internet access could see and follow the comment stream in real-time throughout the four-day event, including the on-snow demo. And on the show floor, exhibitors and key industry influencers were able to use the power of social media to generate excitement and drive traffic to their booths.