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Lincoln Hills-1-3

The Lincoln Hills Legacy

Often the guidance we need to create a brighter future can be seen through the fading images of the not-so-distant past. And by coming to a better understanding of where we have been we can set a path toward where we most want to go. Less than an hour’s drive from Downtown Denver, Colorado I […]

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River Reborn

A River Reborn

In March of 2014 land management agencies of the United States and Mexican governments worked together to create an unprecedented event. The two nations lifted the gates of Morelos Dam at the U.S./Mexico Border to release a surge of water into the Colorado River Delta which had been left parched of moisture for more than […]

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Dispatch from Yosemite: Honoring National Parks’ Black Heritage

In the fading light of a late spring evening, gospel singer Sista Monica Parker sat humming on a bench at the Yellow Pines Campground in Yosemite National Park. There she waited patiently for others to gather. Quiet at first, her melodic voice gained strength as she swayed to the rhythm of a hymn perhaps not […]

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Connecting the Gems

Connecting the Gems ~ A Short Film Explores the Habitat Corridors of Greater Yellowstone

  Few people likely realize that habitat preservation requires more than protecting the areas where different animal species live. Equally important are the paths they take to get there. Habitat corridors are the routes that individual members of a given population – grizzly bears, wolverines, moose, etc – take to move from one place to […]

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Peter McBride ~ photographing the most endangered river in America

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (0.0KB) | Embed    Adventure photographers and filmmakers give us a unique view of the world. And throughout his long career taking pictures and telling stories for major magazines Peter McBride has offered up an exciting perspective, most often from the air. When he was in his 20s […]

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Runs Deep

Conservation – Consciousness Runs Deep fly fishing inspired hip hop poetry

The poetic grace of fly fishing matches pace with the rhymes and rhythms of hip-hop in a short film by Soul River entrepreneur Chad Brown. Released back in June this beautiful depiction of urban culture transposed over the backdrop of the natural world creates a bridge between the concrete streets and the free flowing streams […]

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