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The Joy Trip Project

Adventure Activism, Climbing, Commentary, Diversity, Expedition Denali / 16.07.2012

This is going to sound really odd. But there's something comforting in the taste of wet wool. Just back from two weeks of glacier training with the National Outdoor Leadership School in Alaska I'm struck by this enduring memory. Each day while carrying a 60-pound pack sweat poured off my forehead in a briny stream so thick and salty it might have been blood. Despite the bitter cold and a frigid wind it didn't freeze. Hot and wet it flowed down my face and into my mouth. Only...

Adventure Activism, Climbing, Expedition Denali, Outdoor Recreation / 01.07.2012

Anchorage, Alaska 3:55 AM July 1, 2012 The Alaska Backpackers Inn I usually find it tough to sleep on days like this. Here where the sun just barely sets light seeps in through the thick curtains and it never truly gets dark. I'm up early to pack a bag that's not as heavy as it looks. The Alaska Backpackers Inn is a newly refurbished apartment complex in downtown Anchorage made to resemble a hotel poorly. The though clean, secure and a good value for the buck, the noxious smell of new paint and chemical antiseptics makes it tough to take a full breath. Traffic noise from the open window drones on through the night of the midnight sun. There's no air conditioning, so it's hot. And with all these distractions what lies in the days ahead has me juggling emotions mixed with both excitement and dread. Enough though my whole life has led up to this moment it seems that once again I've discovered my destiny on the road I took to avoid it.
Adventure Activism, Adventure Media Review, Cool on Kickstarter, Environmental Journalism, Environmental Protection / 29.06.2012

Until we're directly affected by a global crisis seldom are we prompted to take action and make a change. Though the environment is suffering the devastating impact of humanity's rush to extract the Earth's remaining non-renewable energy supply most of us are willing to allow the pollution to continue. That is until it strikes us where we live. Backyard is a new film project under development by Deia Scholsberg that aims to raise awareness for the harmful effects of fracking on the land and the communities where the...

Adventure Media Review, Film preview, Film Review, Kayaking / 26.06.2012

Art and action come together in the latest episode from the Skip Armstrong film series Of Souls & Water. Posted online this week to National Geographic Adventure Magazine The Shapeshifter raises the adrenaline bar more than just a few notches as this third film marks a dramatic transition from stories of calm contemplative flat water to a hard charging opus of raging white. "We always envisioned an action oriented film in the series that was divergent from the rest," Armstrong said in an exchange on Facebook. "This one took...

5Point, 5Point to MountainFilm Tour, Adventure Media Review, Film Review, Mountain Film / 25.06.2012

At the heart of any great adventure story are the passionate souls who risk life and limb in pursuit of their dreams. Today modern explorers seem compelled to put themselves under dicy circumstances just to see what's over the next horizon. But have you ever wondered what inspires them to return home? The new web series Wild Love gives audiences an intimate view into the lives of leading adventure athletes and the relationships that bring greater meaning to an otherwise solitary existences. Having premiered three episodes at the...

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