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This summer, I traveled across the North American west, hitting  some of the top rock climbing destinations in the country. Moab, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Joshua Tree … plus a quick hike through the Grand Canyon.   I trained at mountaineering in the Chugach Range of Alaska and made it safely to the summit of Mount Baker in the Washington Cascades.  Next year I’ve got an even more ambitious project -- to reach the top of Mount Denali, the highest point on the continent.    But there’s more to...

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[caption id="attachment_115" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="David Overlin receives $10 to give away at Summit Credit Union in Fitchburg"]Click here to play audio: Pay It ForwardDavid Overlin receives $10 to give away at Summit Credit Union in Fitchburg [/caption] This story aired June 9, 2009 on Wisconsin Public Radio James_001>> Several weeks ago David Overlin was given a $10 bill. He was one of few thousand people in Southern Wisconsin asked by Summit Credit Union to pay the money forward. In other words, Overlin was tasked with giving the cash away to someone who could use it more than he could.