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The Joy Trip Project

Commentary, Diversity, Environmental Justice / 03.01.2010

It’s hard to believe. The Joy Trip Project just turned over its first full year of production. The podcast, blog and photo stream posted to the Internet one year ago this week. And after 12 solid months of experimentation, hand wringing and soul searching the JTP is slowly emerging as a recognizable voice in the social media mainstream. And as the feed sets out its second lap around the sun the JTP is moving forward with a profound sense of purpose and a worthwhile new mission.
Commentary, Influencers / 31.12.2009

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Casimiro at a journalism conference in Boulder back last spring. He and I were among a dozen or more writers in the outdoor space sharing our ideas as guests of Mountain Hardwear, an event they call the Trends Retreat. There’s something about a National Geographic reporter/photographer that makes you take notice and hang on his every word.  Steve’s a brilliant, charming guy who’s as willing to listen to your stories as he is to share his own. Frankly, his are better. To be more specific Steve’s most prominent work can be found in the pages of National Geographic Adventure, the Yellow Book’s adolescent younger cousin. But this troubled youth won’t make it to drinking age. As of last month in a recovering economy the popular high profile adrenaline magazine is out of business. Plummeting ad revenue apparently made the glossy picture rich pages too expensive to print and now Steve’s out of a job.
Commentary, Influencers / 30.12.2009

Sara Lingafelter came on to adventure scene with the grace of a ballet dancer and the energy of a rock star. I’ve been at this 20 years now and I’ve seen my share of young women and men go about “finding themselves” in the outdoors.  Most “live the dream” by scamming free gear, conning sponsored vacations, alienating family, neglecting friends and forgetting how to bathe, but not Sara. This once Seattle-area lawyer came to the wild world with humility and thoughtful consideration. Sara took the odd shop job,...

Quote of the day / 28.12.2009

“My spirits were elevated by the enchanting appearance of nature; the past was blotted from my memory, the present was tranquil, and the future gilded by bright rays of hope and anticipations of joy” Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley ~ English romantic novelist remembered primarily for her classic gothic novel Frankenstein, that gave birth to one of the best-known monsters (1797-1851) Photograph by James Edward Mills...

Commentary / 25.12.2009

Wherever you are this holiday season may you find happiness in every moment. There is so much more to life when the exchange of gifts includes the sharing of warm thoughts and well wishes among the billions who cohabit our beautiful planet. Know that as you count your blessings today there are those whose hearts will take comfort in the kindness of your smile, the patience and compassion in your voice and the twinkle of laughter in your eyes. Share your holiday joy! Photograph by James Edward Mills...

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