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The Joy Trip Project

Gear Whore Confessions / 10.08.2010

Moab Utah 9:20 AM MST The Red Rock Bakery I have all the gear I’ll need for a long time. Making breakfast this morning while camped along the Colorado river near Moab I had my choice of three different stoves, two Teflon coated cook kits and four variations on the spork to prepare a bowl of oatmeal. All the excellent gear I have I’ve received from manufacturers for my consideration in a prospective story or product review. That’s a common practice in my line of work. But as I begin to expand my career to include stories that will likely be sponsored in part by the very companies I report on I wonder if my integrity as a journalist might be called into question. A few days ago I ran into the very talented young photographer Becca Skinner at the MSR booth during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Salt Lake City. There with her friend and my first mentor Ann Krcik Becca hoped to begin the process of building the critical industry relationships she’ll need to get a stove of her own. The folks at Mountain Safety Research have been very generous to me over the years and with Anne’s guidance I’m sure Becca will have no problems getting her first pro-deal. “It was like walking around with the Queen of England,” she said, “Anne knows everybody.”
Banff, Breaking News, Charitable Giving, Cycling, Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Retailer, Summer, Travel / 07.08.2010

Salt Lake City, Utah 6:AM MST The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market ended yesterday, but the journey continues. And in some ways, perhaps it’s finally just getting started.

I'm hitting the road today making my way back across the plains and prairies to Wisconsin. I'm pretty psyched to get moving on several new projects that gained some serious traction over the last few days. So it's good to be heading home. But this morning I woke up to an exciting email that announced the post of a new video from my friend adventure filmmaker Dominic Gill. (Give a listen to my podcast interview with him recorded last year at the Banff Mountain Film Festival>> Take A Seat). He's making his way cross Wyoming and South Dakota on a tandem hybrid up-right recumbent bicycle on course for an incredible experience.  In his first documentary feature Take A Seat, Dom road a tandem bicycle from Alaska to Argentina. For two years on his 22,000-mile trek across two continents he invited total strangers to ride along on the back seat of his bicycle built for two. And as I write this he’s currently cycling across the United States traveling from California to New York on a similar expedition, but this time all of his riding partners are exclusively people with a disability.
Outdoor Retailer, Summer / 05.08.2010

I'm racing out the door for a breakfast meet so I have to make this quick. I'm in Salt Lake City this week for the Outdoor Retailer Show and I'm connecting with my extended family of passionate people who work hard at creating an active lifestyle for themselves and others through the creation of the finest outdoor recreation equipment clothing a footwear. At OR twice each year we all get together and here is where passion plays. Thanks again to KEEN Footwear whose original grant launched the Joy Trip...

Gear Whore Confessions / 03.08.2010

I have way too many friends on Facebook. That’s more of an observation than a confession, but that bit of reality becomes more clear to me every time someone with whom I am well acquainted online but have never met in person happily greets me in the real world. That happened at least three times at the Open-Air Demo during the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. And in the process I did something I’m not terribly proud of. And my bad behavior has revealed a truly dark side of my nature I thought I was above. Turns out I’m a gear whore.
Assignment Earth, Environmental Protection / 01.08.2010

About the size of a human child Hector’s Dolphins are among the smallest dolphin species in the world. Found only in the coastal waters of New Zealand, where there is a very active fishing industry, they are also among the most endangered.

“At the moment there are about 27 percent of the numbers there were in the 1970s,” said Liz Slooten a marine biologist at the University of Otago. “Many Dolphins you’d expect there to be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of individuals. But Hector’s Dolphins? There’re just over 7,000 individuals.” Hector’s Dolphins and a subspecies called Maui’s Dolphins are frequently killed when they are inadvertently trapped in the fine mesh of gill nets. Despite resistance from the fishing industry researches working with the National Institute for Water and Atmosphere aim to create protection zones to prevent the extinction of this threatened species.
Travel, Yoga / 31.07.2010

Everyone asks me why I’d rather drive than fly. The journey from Madison to Salt City is a three-day Joy Trip of almost 1,500 miles along flat featureless highway. At 6:00 AM in Lincoln, Nebraska the sunrise on this foggy second day of travel is infinitely less interesting than the Day Inns marquee. The breakfast promise of DYI waffles and bad Maxwell House with a side order spotty wireless service reflects the pale morning light as dawn cracks over the prairie. It’s another glorious day.