Manic Media Monday: February 14, 2011 – The Joy Trip Project

Manic Media Monday: February 14, 2011 – The Joy Trip Project

It’s good to finally be caught up. After months of road trips, foreign travel and writing projects this Monday morning I suddenly find myself at the top the news cycle ready to take another lap. Now that Season Three of the Joy Trip Project is well underway it’s time to start taking a look around the world of adventure see what’s going on.
Here are six stories to watch this week:

Imagine One Day Opens Registration for Ethiopia Tour 2011:


Majka Burhardt setting new routes in Ethiopia

If you’ve ever wanted to get directly involved in foreign aid work in Africa this is an amazing opportunity. Imagine One Day is a Vancouver-based non-governmental organization that is creating highly progressive sustainable development projects to build schools for the children of Ethiopia. Climber and writer Majka Burhardt and I visited the region in September of last year. The Imagine Ethiopia Tour 2011 also includes an adventure component to visit and explore several seldom traveled areas. Check out her story in climbing magazine

Conservation Alliance to award $1 million in grants

This story from the Outdoor Business Update reports that the consortium of outdoor industry companies will fund conservation initiatives at its highest levels ever. “The Conservation Alliance is in the midst of an exciting period of growth,” said Conservation Alliance Executive Director John Sterling. “Our new and existing members will help save some very important wild places in the near future.”

PBS “Nature”documentary The Himalayas available for online viewing

A new film from the PBS program Nature depicts the the beauty of the highest mountain range in the world. Premiering on television February 13th, the video is can be seen in entirety online

Watch the full episode. See more Nature.

30-day Yoga Challenge

Writer Meghan J. Ward posts the lessons she learned after a solid month of practicing yoga. This inward journey through movement launches her new blog The Camp Site

The Nature Conservancy 2010 Digital Photo Winners

Conservation photographers offer up beautiful images
of nature in an array of colors and vibrant action.

Antarctic Tours close for the season

In his latest blog entry environmental writer Jon Bowermaster provides a summary of the recently concluded season of Antarctic exploration.

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