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The weather on this August day in Atlanta was seasonably warm. That is to say, it was hot! But when confronted by the realities of climate change everyone seemed to think it was a lot hotter than it should have been. The temperature was well above 95º Fahrenheit as we walked along the trails of the East Palisades section of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. Sweat poured down my face and completely drenched my clothes. Despite the heat on a sunny Saturday morning the parking lot was full and dozens of people came out to experience the joy of nearby nature.
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On the last night of the SHIFT Festival in Jackson, Wyoming the organizers hosted an after-party at the Organic Lotus Restaurant. By 1:AM a steady beat of house music still roused a group of at least 30 Millennials to dance away the night well into the morning. Damp with sweat I sidled over to the bar for a drink of water. Even after a double hip replacement it doesn’t take much to get this aging Gen-Xer out on the dance floor. Inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of...

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[caption id="attachment_2064297" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook park aid Jamise Caesar (right) leads a nature hike for Latino Outdoors in Los Angeles[/caption] There are times when my faith in a bright future is renewed. On a recent visit to my childhood home in Los Angeles I had the pleasure of meeting Jamise Caesar, a park aid at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. Not only does this wonderful young lady come from my old neighborhood, she is also a fellow graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a...