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Hey everybody it’s January 2020 Happy New Year! In fact happy new decade for the 21st century. It’s kind of cool to be living in the future, a time I tried to imagine as a kid growing up in the 80s. But here we are. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come. And still what a long way yet to go. If you’ve been following my work on this podcast or in a few magazine articles I’ve written over last few years you know that I put a lot of effort into the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion or DEI in the world outdoor recreation and environmental conservation. Throughout the last decade I’ve reported a lot about the progress that the outdoor industry has made in creating positive cultural and professional environments for people of color, the differently abled, those who identify as LGBTQ and other socially marginalized communities. But there is still so much that outdoor retailers, manufactures and non profit organizations can do to create spaces where everyone can not only be made to feel welcome, but encouraged to thrive, succeed and excel. I spent a bit of time throughout 2019 exploring how various institutions in the outdoor industry are rethinking the various pathways they can take to get a wide variety of different people outside.
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The outdoor apparel and equipment brand Patagonia aims to create a more diverse workforce. In order to recruit and retain people of color in ways that are authentic and in keeping with its culture the company has forged a relationship with a nonprofit based in Atlanta that helps underrepresented children, teens and young adults  become stewards of the environment. The Greening Youth Foundation (GYF) provides cultural resources and guidance to  assist aspiring students, many of whom are African-American or Hispanic, in becoming knowledgeable of the natural systems that...

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[caption id="attachment_2064043" align="alignright" width="575"] Greening Youth Interns meet with US Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell in Washington DC[/caption]   Until the lion learns to write, the tale of the hunt will glorify the hunter ~ African Proverb   [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I was collage-age I doubt that I would have had the poise or presence of mind to speak to a cabinet member of a sitting President.  The students who met with U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell carried themselves with a level of confidence and conviction that I couldn’t help but...