America Outdoors ~ An Interview with Baratunde Thurston

America Outdoors ~ An Interview with Baratunde Thurston

When the folks at the Public Broadcasting Service went looking for a charismatic personality to host their latest documentary film series on the natural world, they reached out to a man with just the right skills to bring the outdoors into every home in America.

Baratunde: My name is Baratunde Thurston. I am a multimedia storyteller operating at the intersection of race, technology, democracy and climate. Because I love this planet.

The wild. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping outside. And breaking free from the modern world. I’m in northern Minnesota, on the edge of a lake that resembles an ocean. In places like this, it’s easy to see nature as something so powerful, so vast.

We could never leave a real mark on it. But our footsteps are almost everywhere these days. And while knowing that can weigh you down, it can also lift us up and inspire us to change.

JTP: The show airs on PBS television stations nation-wide. And like its host, the program explores those points of connection where the outdoors and the human experience come together for fun, adventure and environmental conservation. Each episode introduces viewers to remarkable people and places from one end of this great nation to other. In advance of the premiere of this amazing new series I had the chance to talk to Baratunde Thurston and get an inside look into America Outdoors.




The PBS Series America Outdoors is coming to your favorite Public Television station. Check your local listings for dates and times near you. Baratunde Thurston is the author of the book “How to be Black” and he’s the host the “How to Citizen” Podcast. You can learn more about him and all his amazing work at

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