Way Out There ~ A Discussion with Author J.R. Harris

Way Out There ~ A Discussion with Author J.R. Harris

On February 24th viewer gathered over Zoom for the Joy Trip Reading Project Book Discussion with our guest J.Robert Harris, author of “Way Out There ~ Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker”. Harris has been exploring and backpacking long distance for more than 60 years in some of the most remote and inhospitable wilderness areas in the world, unsupported and mostly alone. He has written numerous articles about his experiences, as well as the book we discussed in this lively online forum.

Harris is a frequent speaker at schools, universities, and outdoors organizations such as the AMC, Sierra Club, ADK, Audubon Society, the Explorers Club, L.L. Bean, and REI. His objective is to share his experiences to hopefully motivate others to pursue a healthy outdoors lifestyle.

Harris is also an advocate for more diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the outdoors. He is on the Board of Directors of 118-year-old Explorers Club, and he Chairs the Club’s DEI Committee. J.R. believes DEI will increase the number of people who will spend time in nature, and by getting out there, they will learn to appreciate, and therefor protect, our public lands and open spaces.
For more information about his background and experience, Please visit his website: www.jrinthewilderness.com

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