Full Circle Everest Expedition Announced In Outside Business Journal

Full Circle Everest Expedition Announced In Outside Business Journal

Almost 60 years after the first successful American ascent of Mount Everest, a team of U.S. climbers aims to make history once again on the world’s highest peak. Led by Phil Henderson, a former instructor at the National Outdoor Leadership School and a veteran Himalayan mountaineer, this group, made up of athletes from across the country, aspires to be the first all-Black American expedition to reach the summit.

This new project, called the Full Circle Everest Expedition, was announced at the Outdoor Retailer Summer show this August in Denver. Set to begin in 2022, the team aims to create a supportive cultural environment that will encourage other people of color to dream of climbing big mountains. (continue reading…=> Outside Business Journal)


You can support the Full Circle Everest Expedition with a donation to the Greening Youth Foundation, a 501c3. Your financial contribution in any amount will enable the team members to meet their goals and fulfill their mission. Be sure to put Full Circle Everest in the memo line of your donation.

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