Everyone In A Park ~ The 2nd Annual National Park Pass Give Away!

Everyone In A Park ~ The 2nd Annual National Park Pass Give Away!

Last year on my birthday I celebrated by giving the gift of an annual National Park and Federal Recreational Lands Pass to a complete stranger. Thanks to the generosity of private donors in 2019 I was able to extend that same gift to 5 other people in our community throughout the month of September!

Today I am thrilled to announce that I have another 5 passes to give away donated by my friends at USParkPass.com. This $80 value for each pass will help to reduce the financial barrier of access to our public land, encourage the spirit of environmental conservation and promote the preservation of our natural heritage. With this pass each recipient will be able to enjoy free admission to more than 640 million acres of recreation areas at national parks, forests, lakeshores and monuments for a full year!

There’s only one catch. Recipients must be nominated by a non-family member. Do you know someone who would benefit from this gift? Would you like to share your love of the great outdoors with someone who could take advantage of this wonderful opportunity? Just fill out the registration form below and include the name and contact information of the person you’d like to nominate. Give us a little background on why you think this person should receive a free National Park Pass. It’s that simple.

If you would like to help fund additional gifts please make a donation to The Joy Trip Project at Patagonia Action Works. Your contribution will go to purchase passes for as many nominees as we can. Together we can get Everyone In A Park!

~James Edward Mills