Let’s All Be Junior Rangers

Let’s All Be Junior Rangers

If you’re planning on visiting one of the National Parks around the country this summer, consider taking the Junior Ranger Pledge. When you do, or if you have already, show us your badge! Post a picture with the hashtag #NPSJuniorRanger2020 to Instagram or Facebook. Let’s collect at least one from every National Park in the United States.

After so many weeks of the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown, many of us are eager to get outside. Over the last few days several communities across the country have started to ease their restrictions on stay-at-home orders and a few businesses are beginning to reopen. That means we might have a bit more confidence to venture out to even some of our more remote natural areas in and around our national parks.

But with all of this pent-up excitement and enthusiasm it’s important that we do not rush too quickly into the outdoors. If we can just slow down for a moment, hopefully we can to acknowledge that with the privilege of public land access comes the obligation to do all that we can to protect it.

Though it may sound like an overly simple solution I think we can learn a lot from the lessons we teach our children. Among the most heartwarming images I frequently see on visits to our national park headquarters at sites around the U.S. are the earnest faces of young people taking their oaths to become a Junior Ranger. I think this humble acknowledgement of our collective promise to protect our natural and historic resources is something we should all bear in mind, children and adults alike, through the coming weeks and months ahead.

“I am proud to be a National Park Service Junior Ranger. I promise to appreciate, respect, and protect all national park places. I also promise to continue learning about the landscape, plants, animals and history of these special places. I will share what I learn with my friends and family.”

The preservation of our public lands isn’t just for kids. The values expressed and affirmed in this pledge are principles everyone should follow. As we head out into nature this summer let’s all be Junior Rangers. Show us your badge!

In the registration boxes below just give us your name, an email address and a web address where your badge image can be found. In the mesage box share a story about your national park experience and why you think protecting public land is important. One submission will be selected for a few pair of Merrell Hiking Boots!