The Primavera Fund

The Primavera Fund

With all that’s going on across the world right now many in our community are in need of help. As we shelter safe at home in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic there are those among us who are struggling to pay their bills, keep the lights on and put food in the fridge. As freelance creatives, educators and environmental activists many of us scrape by on a megger income in an economy where paying gigs are few and far between. And as not everyone will qualify for a stimulus check from the federal government it falls to those of us with a least a little to spare to give what we can to our friends and colleagues who share our love of the earth, wind water and sky.

Three tireless leaders came up with a bright idea. They call it the Primavera Fund. Teresa Baker, Carolyn Finney and José Gonzalez pooled their cash together to create 5 small grants in the amount of $200 each. It’s not enough for an online ad campaign or social media film project, but just a few dollars to cover the gap in a rent payment or buy a week or two of groceries. The Joy Trip Project is honored to join this effort with a small contribution. I would like to encourage you to donate as well. With your help we can create additional grants and provide assistance to those who need a little help until this crisis has passed. Any amount you can give is welcome.


Thank you!


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