Take My Pass, PLEASE!

Take My Pass, PLEASE!

Do you know someone who would benefit from a free National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass? I have a few to give away. And believe it or not I’m having difficulty finding people to give them to. Perhaps you can help me in the search.

A few weeks ago I had what I thought was good idea. To remove the financial barrier to accessing our public land I decided to give the gift of a free annual pass. To celebrate my birthday month of September and to pay forward my own personal love of the outdoors, I challenged others to do the same. A few of my friends and colleagues answered the call and donated the cash to buy a few passes. Now I just need to find some recipients.

It’s not as easy as it seems. To the credit of good and honorable people most are reluctant to ask for themselves. Either they don’t believe they are worthy to receive this gift or they are uncomfortable with expressing publicly that they are in need. I get that. So, I decided instead to allow others to nominate those whom they believe will make good use of unlimited entries to more than 2,000 national parks, forests and monuments across the United States for an entire year.

Do you know someone? Send me a brief note via email at info@joytripproject.com Let me know why you think that person or family should receive a pass. Your nomination can be completely anonymous and I will not publicly disclose the recipient’s name or location. They can use the pass any way they wish. No questions asked.

I believe that everyone should have access to their public land and the ability to pay should never be a barrier. If you agree, share your love of the outdoors by giving the gift of an annual pass today.

Thank you, Now get outdoors!

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