Everyone Outside

Everyone Outside

The Joy Trip Project is happy to announce the first recipient of a free National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands visitors pass!  Patricia McNeal is a stroke survivor who celebrated her recovery by riding a bicycle from Florida to California. In a few weeks she plans to make the return trip leaving from the state of Washington. 

Photo by Mike Fender in Panama City Living

“I am encouraging more women and girl’s to become more physically active by riding a bicycle,” she wrote to me on Facebook. “As a stroke survivor I made it a journey and I hope you keep following me because after this ride I’m going to ride around the world on a bicycle.”

In support of Patricia’s efforts to promote stroke awareness on her journey I paid for her annual pass so that she can visit her public recreation lands along the way. You can follow her experience online at https://www.heelsonwheelzinc.com

Since its inception, The Joy Trip Project was established to promote the efforts of people working to make the world a better place through their passion for the outdoors and physical activity. Throughout my birthday month of September I am committed to reducing the financial barriers to an experience in the great outdoors with the gift of a free Annual National Parks and Federal Recreational  Lands Pass. As a private citizen and proud public land owner I believe that our national parks and forests must be enjoyed and utilized by a broad cross section of the American people. It is my hope that this small grant will inspire the efforts of those with modest means to visit and explore their public lands.

With the help of a few generous donors I intend to give away at least three more passes in the coming weeks. To apply just write me an email and let me know what you would do with free access to the more than 2,000 federal recreation areas across the country. Inspired by the Every Kid Outdoors Program, which was just extended for another seven years, I want to give anyone who has an interest in the Great Outdoors the chance to experience it for themselves. As part of the ongoing Pathways Project I aim to take cost out of the equation wherever possible. I want to see everyone outdoors.

You don’t have to be an adventure athlete on a grand three-month expedition. Maybe you’re a teacher who wants share your love of the Outdoors with your students. Maybe you’re an aspiring traveler who just needs a small incentive to venture out and see more of your home country. Are you a parent whose kids are too young or too old to take advantage of the Every Kid Outdoors Program? Let me know if this will help. No strings attached. Just be in touch by September 30th for best consideration.

And for those of you, like me, who have the disposable income and leisure time to enjoy the outdoors, perhaps you can pay your privilege forward and help others. Though your tax dollars certainly go to support the our national parks, forests and monuments a small gift can go directly to provide a person and their family with the resources they need to actually visit. Do you have an extra $80 to $100 to encourage a fellow citizen to experience the outdoors through their public land? Would you be willing to make a contribution in the spirit of environmental stewardship? Drop me a note via email and I’ll provide you with the information you need to participate. Maybe we can inspire others together. With any luck we might turn this into a national program with the support of the various agencies of public land management. But for now let’s do all that we can to get everyone outdoors.

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