Blood On The Crack ~ A Conversation with Adventure Film Maker Heather Mosher

Blood On The Crack ~ A Conversation with Adventure Film Maker Heather Mosher

From the opening frames, a recent movie by Canadian adventure film maker Heather Mosher lets viewers know exactly what they’re in for. World class rock climber Kevin Jorgeson mugs at the camera and chuckles while his partner Jacob Cook holds up a bloody finger. This particular pitch on the Tom Egan Memorial Route in the Bugaboos of British Columbia was first climbed by Will Stanhope and Matt Segal back in 2015. Blood On The Crack is a pencil-thin fissure on a sheer vertical slab of granite. It’s the perfect project for any aspiring rock climber or an adventure film maker. I first met Heather Mosher seven years ago when she was just a volunteer at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. A few weeks ago she sent me link to watch her latest film, a nine-minute short called Blood On The Crack. Let’s just say I loved it. So got her on the phone to ask her a few questions about her life and career in film making.

Adventure Film Maker Heather Mosher

“Going to the Banff Mountain Film Festival in 2012 kind of there’s a bit of a spark even though I didn’t know it at the time,” Mosher told me in our interview. “I already knew I wanted to be a photographer. I started working in the photography industry in Vancouver and then as I moved out of that full time job the thing that sparked the filmmaking direction was going to Banff and being like ‘I want to make an adventure documentary.” So I’ve met up with local filmmakers and went, ‘Teach me about sound!’ And they said, ‘Sure come on over to our studio and we’ll show you our microphones. And they taught me basically how to edit. And that’s what’s taken me to where I am now.”

Blood on the Crack (trailer) from Heather Mosher on Vimeo.

Heather Mosher is a rising young creative in a new generation of adventure film makers. Taking her passion for storytelling and life in the outdoors she’s producing compelling movies that are worth watching and definitely worth talking about. In this episode of the Joy Trip Project we discuss the process of making an adventure documentary and how this young producer got to work with one of the most sought after professional rock climbers in the world.

Kevin Jorgeson and Jacob Cook
photo by Kaare Iverson

The film Blood On The Crack featuring Kevin Jorgeson and Jacob Cook is making its way around the world wide adventure film festival circuit so watch for it in programs and play lists in the coming months. You can learn more about Mosher on her web site at

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