The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth – The Joy Trip Project

The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth – The Joy Trip Project

The Earth is constantly speaking to us. The language of our planet is a subtle form of communication through which those who are willing to listen can hear the most profound messages. And in a new book by photographer Chris Burkard a child learns that when we engage the world in a conversation there’s a good chance the Earth will talk back.
The Boy Who Spoke to The Earth is a picture book beautifully illustrated by David McClellan that answers one of life’s great questions: Where can I find happiness? In a journey of exploration the author allows the Earth to reply by showing the child those places it loves most. And through each page the story unfolds to reveal the importance of curiosity and the courage to seek out the unknown through adventure. Himself a father of young children Burkard aims to encourage a sense of wonder that will compel people of all ages to marvel in the beauty and mystery of nature.


Chris Burkard

“I wrote this book for my sons. I want to pass on to them the things that I’ve learned as I have explored and discovered the world,” Burkard shared in an email interview. “Exploration is a search for happiness. But it’s not necessarily about going somewhere. Exploring means being open to new experiences, not being afraid, and gaining perspective on how you take in the world around you. It means taking things in, not letting things just pass you by. This book is a reminder for children never to forget that.”
The first title from the new publishing company Dreamling Books The Boy Who Spoke to The Earth is a collaborative effort of collective creativity. Meant to stimulate the senses with exquisitely detailed artwork and a captivating narrative the publisher hopes that readers of this book will be inspired to enjoy the journey of life more fully, get out in nature more often and follow their own dreams more passionately.
“We believe that we all have a story to tell. We would hope that this books stands as a shining example of that,” said co-founder Ben Ehlert. “If more of us are willing to share our stories, then we’ll understand and love each other more richly. That’s what Dreamling Books is all about.”
Having reached its initial fundraising goal on Kickstarter in the first 36 hours of its campaign The Boy Who Spoke to The Earth already has the support of an enthusiastic audience of readers eager to enjoy this wonderful story. But the author wants everyone to know that his book is not just for kids.Book Cover_front
“Anyone who has an inkling to explore and see the world will hopefully find inspiration in these pages,” Burkard said. “The main idea is to find joy in your own journey of life. If you can find that—enjoyment through the ups and the downs of everything we see and everything we experience—I promise you’ll be happier. Having kids, I’ve started to realize that those are the types of lessons I want to pass on. I don’t want to pass on some inherent fear of the unknown. I want to pass on this idea of being courageous and exploring and going boldly.”

The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth from Dreamling Books on Vimeo.
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