Cerro Torre ~ An interview with climber David Lama

Cerro Torre ~ An interview with climber David Lama


In 2009 professional sport climber David Lama declared that he would summit the great mountain in Patagonia called Cerro Torre. Known around the world as one of the most difficult alpine ascents Lama proposed to make the climb up the 3128 meter spire via the infamous and highly controversial Compressor Route. But unlike those who had successfully reached the top this young athlete then only 19 years old planed to climb using just the rock’s natural features and aided by bolts and ropes only for protection in case of a fall, a technique known as free climbing. But veteran Patagonia climbers like Jim Bridwell believed that free climbing Cerro Torre was impossible.
But undeterred by skeptics Lama would spend the next three years in pursuit of his goal. Having achieved a free climb ascent of the summit in 2012 his story is now the subject of a new film that premiered at the 2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival called Cerro Torre: A Snowball’s Chance in Hell.

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