Support the Joy Trip Project on Patreon – The Joy Trip Project

Support the Joy Trip Project on Patreon – The Joy Trip Project

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Support the Joy Trip Project on Patreon from James Mills on Vimeo.

When you’re in the creative fields it’s never easy to define exactly what it is that you do for a for living. But when you hope to get your friends and fans to support your work financially you really have to get down to it and clearly express what it is that you have to offer.  I’m a freelance journalist who specializes in telling stories about the business, art and culture of the sustainable active lifestyle. If you’re not familiar with this web site or Facebook page you might have seen some of my work online, in the pages of publications like National Geographic Adventure, Alpinist Magazine, Rock & Ice, the or High Country News or maybe you’ve heard my voice on National Public Radio. I tell stories about people who work and play in the outdoors while creating incredible works of art or profound expressions of the human experience through social activism or environmental conservation. I write book and film reviews. I do real-time reporting at major events like the MountainFilm Festival in Telluride or the Banff Mountain Film Festival in Alberta Canada. And I conduct first-person interviews with some of the most interesting and engaging personalities in the world today.

In addition to raising awareness for the work of outdoor artists, athletes and activists I do all that I can help raise a little cash for their efforts as well. In 2013 alone The Joy Trip Project helped to fund 10 successful Kickstarter campaigns in support of films dedicated to encouraging more people to spend time in the outdoors, to protect the environment or to overcome social injustice.
Since 2008 it’s been my pleasure through the Joy Trip Project to create a wide variety of compelling stories. But as you can imagine an enterprise like this doesn’t come cheap. That’s why I hope to get your support through this ongoing Patreon campaign. Unlike Kickstarter that funds specific projects, Patreon is designed to monetize continuous efforts in the creative fields. With the help of your regular financial contributions I can bridge the gap between paid gigs writing for magazines and web sites and the occasional sponsored reporting assignment. You’ll be able to help keep the content I produce free of advertisements and paid promotions. With a regular source of income I’ll be able to focus my attention on content creation and less on fundraising. Without that distraction I’ll finally be able to create a regular production schedule and bring you the stories you’re looking for. You’ll also help me to commission the valuable work of professional photographers, filmmakers and musicians that help make the Joy Trip Project both interesting and engaging.
As mainstream media keeps cutting back on their budgets to pay freelancers like me I am incredibly grateful for the support of fans like you who want to encourage the creation of more stories about the exciting adventures and humanitarian initiatives around the world that you love most. Your contributions can help keep me on the road and in search of the latest projects and personalities in the field. I am personally inspired every day by the amazing work being generated by outstanding individuals in the interests of science, philanthropy, art or sheer adventure. And it’s my great privilege to bring you their stories week after week.
By supporting the Joy Trip Project you’re also helping to discover new ways to keep yourself enthusiastic and motivated for your next adventure. You’ll be able to stay up to date on all the latest films, books and ongoing expeditions across the planet. And as a patron of this project you can help encourage others to create exciting new projects of their own. For as little as a dollar a month you can help me tell the great stories of our times. Don’t wait! Become a patron of the Joy Trip Project today!