Outdoor Retailer Setting Up – The Joy Trip Project

Outdoor Retailer Setting Up – The Joy Trip Project

Even after all the preparation you can’t help but be a little thrilled when you dive into the fray. Pounding away at my laptop with just an hour before heading to the All-Mountain Demo at Solitude Ski Resort the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market is officially underway. My job is to report in realtime the events of each day as they unfold. Through the social media mainstream I get to navigate the exciting flow of images and messages as they wiz by in flurry of energy and enthusiasm. We’re about to venture into one of the most wonderful gatherings of outdoor professionals and enthusiasts in the world. And in the days that follow I hope you’ll stay tuned and share your stories of what happens next!
Check out these photos taken in Salt Palace during setup:

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The Joy Trip Project is made possible with the support of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market


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