Repreve ~ Do recycled fibers and fabrics make a difference? – The Joy Trip Project

Repreve ~ Do recycled fibers and fabrics make a difference? – The Joy Trip Project

Can there be a balance between commerce and ecology? As we head into the new year I want to believe that it’s possible, that we can live our lives in sustainable ways that protect the environment while allowing each of us to maintain a high standard of living. It would be great to turn it all green. But how do we make that happen?
A new brand on the market has reached out to the Joy Trip Project to help raise awareness for a synthetic fiber made from recycled plastic water bottles. Repreve is product used by many of the outdoor gear manufacturers you’re probably already well familiar with, companies like the North Face, Polartec and Patagonia. We’ve been hearing about this kind of technology for more than 20 years now. But does it make a difference in your purchasing decisions? Do recycled fibers and fabrics matter to you when buying a new piece of fashion clothing or technical outerwear?
There’s some obvious logic in creating products from reused materials. Especially when it comes to making new items from petroleum-based resources, it makes sense to use those molecules already pumped from the ground. And if they can be made into durable clothing that will be worn for years while avoiding the nearest land-fill all the better. But is that enough to turn it green?
Check out Repreve’s brand story on line at Tell me what you think in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win a free #TurnItGreen beanie.

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