99 Fans!: Chris Needs A Camera

99 Fans!: Chris Needs A Camera

Ten dollars can make a big difference in the career of an aspiring adventure media maker. Christian Alvarado aims to purchase his first camera and The Joy Trip Project wants to help. If 99 fans match my pledge of $10 together we can raise enough to buy Chris a new Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

Chris is 21 years-old and lives in Manchester, Connecticut. We met a few months ago when he was a contestant in the Sierra Club’s “The Best Internship on Earth“. Though he made it into the top ten qualifiers for the second year in a row he didn’t make the final cut. But Chris’ passion for the environment, getting kids outdoors and filmmaking has really impressed me. We’ve become acquainted over Facebook and when he asked if I knew about any grants or scholarships he could apply for to buy a new camera I promised I’d do what I could to help.

When I started the Joy Trip Project 3 years ago my goal was to share stories about people making a difference in the world while following their passions. I wanted also to connect like-minded people in conversation to share their ideas and resources to help create art and expressions of their talents for the benefit of our global community. Here’s a great opportunity to make that happen.

Chris has already distinguished himself a filmmaker working as a volunteer on behalf kids and the environment at the Sierra Club.

” I am recognized for my video work and my videos are also located on their national website www.sierraclub.org,” he wrote to me. “I also volunteer as a national representative of the Natural Leaders Network, a national group of millennial generation leaders throughout the country who are closing the gap between nature and their communities and leading the fight to curb Nature-Deficit Disorder. I speak at conferences with my fellow leaders about our yearly accomplishments and what our future plans look like. At every conference I start off with an intro video from recent events. My videos are also on their homepage http://www.childrenandnature.org/movement/naturalleaders/.

For just $10 you can help Chris continue his work. You can make a small investment in early childhood environmental education by helping to provide the tools necessary to get the job done. Chris also produces videos for the Sierra Club’s Building Building Bridges to the Outdoors Project and Wethersfield Community Television.

” With the Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm IS II Kit, I can have better quality videos which are more marketable,” he wrote. “In the last year I have filmed/broadcasted over 15 events as well as hundreds of photos for these groups through YouTube, blogs, conferences, and local channels. I hope that with this camera I can inspire other outdoor enthusiasts and filmmakers.”

If you want to contribute to this project click the donate button below. Or to get more information on Chris and what 99 Fans is all about, post a comment or send an email to info@joytripproject.com.  Please pass this link along to your friends and encourage them to contribute as well. Once we get to 99 donors we’ll close this promotion and set a new goal. Do you have a suggestion for the next project to support? Let me know! Write in and tell me about another worthy cause, individual (adventure artist, athlete or activist) or fundraising initiative that can use $1,000. Next month I’ll bring you a new story to rally 99 Fans to help.

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