Carbondale Dreams – The Joy Trip Project

Carbondale Dreams – The Joy Trip Project

Winners of the first 5Point Dream Project

I’m not sure how she could tell. “Worried about your trip?” Shamane asked. Lying there in the grey morning light of our bedroom my wife pressed her chin into the crook of my neck and shoulder and simply whispered. “I believe in you.”
I still get really nervous.  Even after 20 years of long road trips there’s that nagging fear you feel when you throw back the covers and rise from sleep on the day of departure. Back when I was a salesman, heading out to call on customers, I was afraid of falling short of my quota for the month. Now as a journalist on my way to cover the 5Point Film Festival in Carbondale Colorado I’m afraid of dashing someone’s dreams.
It’s silly to assume that anyone could have the power to do that.  A video posted yesterday on Vimeo by filmmakers Anson Fogel and Skip Armstrong gives us a glimpse into the passion and excitement of ordinary people when they talk about the things they love most.

“My dream was to share adventure film of all kinds to a large audience in the Roaring Fork Valley in my community,” said 5Point founder Julie Kennedy in the film. “Because it empowered me so much when I was 22 and 23-years-old that I really felt the need to do this for all of you sitting in audience.”

CARBONDALE DREAMS from Anson Fogel on Vimeo.

The short movie goes on to share the mission behind the 5Point Dream Project. Three high school students will each receive a $2,500 scholarship to pursue their adventure dreams around the world. The very notion that such a program is even possible is incredibly exciting because my intention as a writer is to give voice to those dreams, to share them with others and to perhaps help them to become realized. But when you’ve taken it upon yourself to write about the most passionate expressions of people you admire, advenuters, artists and filmmakers  you assume as well a big responsibility.
A person’s dreams are fragile things and must be handled delicately. Yet still as a journalist I must aim to provide fair constructive criticism to help nurture their work and encourage their constant improvement. A flawed and fallible creative person myself it scares me to think that anything I write could do more harm than good. I’m simply afraid of getting it wrong.
For this audience and a handful web sites on the Internet I’ve assumed the role of beat reporter in this incredible world of adventure media. And my greatest desire, my dream is to present to the world at large the wonderful work of these socially and environmentally conscience artists, people whose very existence is devoted to improving the lives of others either through example or direct engagement.  I personally don’t have the courage or vision to accomplish what they aspire to, but as a writer and reluctant critic I hope that I can spread the word and lead a broad discussion on why this work is so very important.
With the encouragement of someone who believes in me I’m driving west today to Colorado. I’ll post text and photographs along the way and through the weekend in Carbondale. So I hope you’ll come along, share your thoughts and even from your computer or smartphone become part this latest Joy Trip. What are your dreams?  ~ JEM