Who Gives? – The Joy Trip Project

Who Gives? – The Joy Trip Project

Para-Athlete Mark Wellman

Before we all get too inebriated to make a rational decision, how about we take a few moments to think about those non-profits out there helping to make the world a better place. With less than 12 hours until the New Year time is running out. You only have until midnight tonight to make a non-profit tax-deductible contribution for 2010.

I just made a cash donation to one of my favorite charities Paradox Sports. This organization provides equipment and training to make the outdoors more accessible to people with disabilities. Over the years I’ve watched them do amazing things to demonstrate that adventure is for everyone. And I know that the few bucks I can throw at them will go a long way toward inspiring even able-bodied people to get outside.

If there is a charity that is important to you take a few minutes today and make contribution. When you do or if you have already drop us a note in the comments and let us know what that organization is, what it does and why it’s important to you. I want to know who gives. Do you?
And if you just don’t have the cash to spare you can still help by passing along this link to your network. Even sharing the spirit of philanthropy is a worthwhile contribution. It doesn’t have to cash. Hours spent as a volunteer are every bit as valuable, perhaps more. Resolve in 2011 to become more active in your community and support the non-profit organizations that offer up so much and expect so little in return.
Happy New Year!