Hot Buttered Rum tour hits Madison – The Joy Trip Project

Hot Buttered Rum tour hits Madison – The Joy Trip Project


Music is an incredible gift. Talented artists who share the joy of lyric and melody are among the many wonderful people who make life on this planet truly worthwhile. Add to that a message of environmental protection and you’ve got an incredible combination to make lasting social change. Hot Buttered Rum is just that kind of band.


“We want to be the sound track of the green movement,” said fiddle player Aaron Redner. “The love of the environment and the protection of the environment is something that’s key…We want to have some purpose behind what we do.”
Hot Buttered Rum is on tour and will make a stop in Madison on Friday night to play a concert at the Majestic Theater 9PM ($15). They’ll likely arrive in a bus fueled by recycled vegetable oil. Playing in an eclectic mix of indie rock and high energy bluegrass, the band has a rich unique sound that is not only inspiring but fun to dance to. With their music Hot Buttered Rum lends a voice to the Wisconsin tradition of progressive thought in addressing social issues ranging from saving endangered species to mitigating the causes of climate change.
“ A lot of us have very strong thoughts about the environment,” Redner said. “We’re not just progressive musically. We’re also progress politically. As we go on we want to connect with political and environmental activists with strong messages that we subscribe to.”
The music of Hot Buttered Rum has been featured on several editions of the Joy Trip Project podcast. But we first became acquainted back in 2005 with creation of the outdoor industry business podcast SNEWS Live. This interview with former band member Zach Mathews and Aaron Redner first aired on October 4, 2007.

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