Outdoor diversity conference opens in Atlanta

Outdoor diversity conference opens in Atlanta


Outdoor diversity advocates Franks and Audrey Peterman welcomed a unique gathering of their peers to the city of Atlanta. A few hundred individuals from across the country, mostly African-Americans met to express their love and appreciation for nature  in the opening session of the Breaking the Color Barrier to the Great Outdoors conference.

In her remarks Audrey Peterman shared a common observation with those assembled . “Frank and I would visit these wonderful National Parks and we would see so few people of color,” she said.”We wanted to do something about it. But rather than complaining about the dark sometimes you have to light a candle. And all of you are that light.”

The Conference promises to address a number of the issues and circumstances that prevent more minorities from taking advantage of the wild and natural settings available to them.  A complete schedule of speakers and programs continues through September 26th. Please continue to check into this blog for further updates and details.

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