Thanks for a great ride – The Joy Trip Project

Thanks for a great ride – The Joy Trip Project


Team Joy Trip post Ride For Boys & Girls Club

So far our Bike For Boys & Girls Club team has raised $1,375. With a more than a month of fundraising still to go we’re well on track to reach our goal of $3,500. On Saturday July 18th 14 of my cycling friends and I road our bikes 50 miles around the Madison area to help promote programs that engage disadvantaged young people in our community. And though we’ve ridden this familiar route dozens of times for our own enjoyment there was something truly special about doing it this time for such a worthy cause.

Throughout the day, everyone on the team kept saying “Thank you. Thanks for inviting me to be on your team.” But I am the one who is grateful. Though I asked them each to donate at least $75 to ride a course they could have just as easily ridden for free, they generously gave of their time, money and enthusiasm to help me realize my first-ever charity fundraiser. With more pledges yet to collect, I’m pretty sure we’ll meet our goal. But the money not withstanding, I’m thrilled to have organized a small group of avid cyclists to come together and joyfully dedicate their active lifestyles to the benefit others.

If there’s anything I’ve learned after more than a decade in sales it’s this: Always ask for the order. Just about everyone whom I invited to ride with us said they’d likely never have done it on their own. There’s something about the spirit of collective consciousness that motivates people to rally in support of a cause. And I believe that it is by acting together that we will one day successfully meet all the challenges we face as a society.

Issues that include climate change, human trafficking, a failing medical system, and starving children in poverty can find their solutions in people of good conscience doing what they can to help. Across America and abroad people are plying their personal energy and resources to make a difference in their communities. It’s these small but selfless acts of charitable giving that The Joy Trip Project aims to discover and share. I hope you’ll keep following the feeds and find compelling stories that inspire you to give as well.