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Sweetgrass shares the Valhalla Forest scene ~skiing without snow

The creative minds at Sweetgrass Productions seem to have achieved the impossible. Producers Zac Ramras and Nick Waggoner put together an action packed ski segment for their latest film Valhalla without a single flake of snow. Available today for viewing online the Forest scene is a captivating glimpse into the incredible new movie ready for […]

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Reaching Valhalla

The artists at Sweetgrass Productions just rolled out the trailer for their latest feature film! Valhalla follows the exploits of top flight adventure athletes on a northern alpine joy trip to some of the most awesome ski destinations on the planet. Previous clips I’ve seen along with the cover art on this newest teaser seem […]

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On the Road with Solitaire: Two Years, Five Winters

Often the best parts of a great film are scenes we never see. Left to be sorted from the scraps swept up from the cutting room floor, or rather the unused digits still on the hard drive, it’s those moments of stories untold that captivate and compel the mind to ponder those moments left behind […]

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