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Banff Mountain Film Festival Celebrates the Spirit of Adventure, Once Again

The 2013 adventure film festival season came to a grand finale the Banff Mountain Book & Film Festival in Alberta, Canada. The producers of the many great works of literature and cinema created took center stage to receive awards for their tremendous accomplishments. There in the spotlight before the thunderous applause of a grateful audience the […]

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Polar Explorer Eric Larsen Begins Attempt to Bicycle to the South Pole

After polar explorer Eric Larsen finished on the “triple crown of adventure”—traveling to the South Pole, the North Pole, and the top of Mount Everest in one year—it was hard to imagine what he might do next. But he has a plan. In December of 2012, Larson will begin another crossing of Antarctica. Once again […]

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The Canterbury Trail

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS | Subscribe to the Joy Trip ProjectWhen it comes to adventure writing the sharpest literary minds draw on the subject matter they know best. Author Angie Abdou brings to her latest book themes from an ancient English text first made popular in the […]

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The new film by Nick Waggoner and Sweetgrass Productions is nothing short of stunning. Not since his groundbreaking ski movie Signatures have snow sports been so profoundly elevated from mere adventure to art. Exquisite and sublime Solitaire takes expedition filmmaking to a new level combining music and athleticism to create a dance of speed, strength […]

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Surviving Chicago Snow

Reports are coming in from survivors of the recent snowstorm in Chicago. Joy Trip Project friend, fan and now correspondent Geoff Burton sent this writer’s notebook. It’s been twenty hours since the Storm of the Millennium targeted and devastated the once mighty city of Chicago. Rations are few as all grocery stores were ravaged yesterday […]

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