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Going Strapless~ a review of The MIO Alpha

Even back in the 90s when heart rate monitors came on the scene I really hated wearing a chest strap. Though you might garner a certain amount of street cred as a serious athlete for having that black ban of dedication just below your nipples I had a hard time keeping it up, especially when […]

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A Rude Awakening

Aspiring ultra-distance runner Ryan Mills has the best of intentions. The name of his quest project notwithstanding he hopes to raise awareness for the importance of leading an active lifestyle and putting an end to a coach-bound existence. “A Rude Awakening” is an enterprise that aims to aggressively demonstrate how time outside can motivate a […]

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Dean Karnazes

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS | Subscribe to the Joy Trip ProjectAn interview with the inspirational ultra-marathon runner of the Endurance 50 Back in 2006 ultra distance runner Dean Karnazes performed an amazing stunt. Over the course of 50 days he ran 50 marathons in each of the […]

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The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to run in a low gravity environment, there’s spot in Madison where you can do just that. The Sport & Spine Clinic, a rehabilitative therapy center at 340 S. Whitney Way, recently acquired an Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill. “I’d been hoping to work with low gravity for my patients […]

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