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Valley Uprising Online Release

Just in time to pique the interest of a curious public the Sender Films masterpiece Valley Uprising is now available for online download, DVD and Blu-Ray. Within a day of the first free ascent of the Dawn Wall on Yosemite’s 3000-foot El Capitan this grand epic details the long history of climbing in the granite […]

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Valley Uprising

It would be pretty much impossible to tell the story of Yosemite rock climbing in a single documentary. So from the outset of his latest project Sender Films producer Nick Rosen didn’t bother to try. Instead his forthcoming movie Valley Uprising will focus on the overriding themes that thread their way through the lives and […]

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The Best Adventure Film of 2013

This morning the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 86th annual Oscar awards. Once again I’m amazed by the number of prominent feature films that I neglected to see in 2013. As a reviewer of adventure movies I don’t make it to my local cineplex the way I used […]

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Top Rock Climbers, Yosemite Pioneers, Everest Fight Featured in Reel Rock 8 Tour

The 8th annual REEL Rock Film Tour, which kicks off tonight in Boulder, includes stories that push beyond the state-of-the-art climbing and that showcase a historic look into the sport’s not so distant past. Sender Films adventure movie makers Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer, and Nick Rosen will roll out four new exciting documentaries that will […]

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Ueli Steck: A New Vision

Adventure media fans got a rare online look at one of the new features set to appear late this year in the REEL ROCK 8 Film Tour. This six-minute short that posted to YouTube is based on the most recent alpine innovations of the high-speed ascender known as the Swiss Machine. Called Ueli Steck: A […]

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Sender Films Profiled on CBS Morning News

Whenever you deal with something everyday you’re bound to lose perspective. And chances are you’ll forget that not everyone is so intimately familiar with the subject matter that occupies much of your professional life. That’s why I’m always pleased to see major news organizations devote a few minutes of airtime to the relatively obscure topic […]

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Reel Rock 7 now on sale

Pulling in three top prizes at the Banff Mountain Film Festival the adventure climbing series Reel Rock 7 is out today on DVD.The latest production from the creative crew at Sender Films in Boulder offers up a comprehensive view of the modern mountaineering scene from all aspects of the sport. From high altitude alpine climbing […]

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Reel Rock Film Tour: The World’s Best Climbers Take It to the Next Level

During the 2012 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market the action movie makers at Sender Films treated a VIP audience to a sneak preview of their signature production the Reel Rock Film Tour. With four features, each over 20 minutes, this seventh edition of the program includes appearances by a few of the top names in climbing […]

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‘Cold’ an interview with climber photographer Cory Richards

Podcast: Play in new windowSubscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | Google Play | Stitcher | RSS | Subscribe to the Joy Trip Project Making the rounds at mountain film festivals all over the world is a new movie by Anson Fogel and Cory Richards. In the classic style of adventure storytelling Richards shares his […]

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The Reel Rock Film Tour 2011

The fall adventure movie season kicks off in Boulder next week with the Reel Rock Film Tour. A collaboration between Colorado’s Sender Films and Big Up Productions of New York, Reel Rock is an inspiring international event that brings together local outdoor enthusiasts to revel in the sport of climbing. (more…) Share :

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