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Forget Me Not ~ An interview with Jennifer Lowe-Anker

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS If you’ve been following the news recently you probably heard that there was a startling discovery in the mountains of Tibet. The bodies of climber Alex Lowe and filmmaker David Bridges were discovered near the sight of a tragic 1999 avalanch at the base of Mt Shishapangma. After 17 […]

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Life Or Limb ~ Recovering From The Traumatic Injuries of War

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS One of the things I love most about this podcast is the ability to tell amazing stories. And in the process I also help to raise awareness for some very important causes. With your support the Joy Trip Project has been able to back more than few […]

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Jumbo Wild ~ an interview with filmmaker Nick Waggoner

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSFrom the opening  frames of the latest film by Sweetgrass Productions the monumental scale of the subject fills the screen. In concert with vocals and orchestra the images swell with the music in pace with the magnitude of a very controversial issue and the mountain wilderness which surrounds […]

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Cerro Torre ~ An interview with climber David Lama

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSIn 2009 professional sport climber David Lama declared that he would summit the great mountain in Patagonia called Cerro Torre. Known around the world as one of the most difficult alpine ascents Lama proposed to make the climb up the 3128 meter spire via the infamous and highly […]

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Peter McBride ~ photographing the most endangered river in America

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS    Adventure photographers and filmmakers give us a unique view of the world. And throughout his long career taking pictures and telling stories for major magazines Peter McBride has offered up an exciting perspective, most often from the air. When he was in his 20s he flew […]

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Wild, an interview with best selling author Cheryl Strayed

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS At the age of 26 best-selling author Cheryl Strayed strapped on a backpack and hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Over the course of 94 days she traveled from Mojave California to the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks Oregon, just outside of Portland where she lives […]

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Urban Revitalization

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSIt goes without saying. Our world is growing bigger and more complicated everyday. Especially in our urban centers where economic and political fortunes are beginning to shift and reflect the values of a much more culturally diverse population. Despite the devastating effects failing banks and climate change there […]

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The Road Not Taken an interview with Everest climber Hilaree O’Neill

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS   A professional ski mountaineer for more than 13 years climber Hilaree O’Neill started out her career at a very young age. Skiing since the age of three she spent most of her early days on the many 14,000-foot peaks near where she went to school in […]

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Elephant Engima

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSSVeterinarian and photographer Dag Goering is the co-founder with his wife author Maria Coffey in the adventure touring business Hidden Places Travel. For many years he’s worked at combining his love of travel with the care and protection of animals. “It all started with Camels really,” he said […]

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Wisconsin Life: Devil’s Lake Climbing

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS This summer, I traveled across the North American west, hitting  some of the top rock climbing destinations in the country. Moab, Utah, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and Joshua Tree … plus a quick hike through the Grand Canyon.   I trained at mountaineering in the Chugach Range of Alaska […]

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