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The Joy Trip Project

Banff, Film Festival / 09.11.2010

[caption id="attachment_4190" align="aligncenter" width="351" caption="photo courtesy of Banff Mountain Film Festival"][/caption] The Eric Harvey Theater was standing room only Sunday night at the Banff Mountain Film Festival where glass and cash were awarded in 12 categories of adventure movie making. Jason Burlage took the top prize for Mi Charcra and A Life Ascending by Stephen Grynberg nabbed three awards including People’s Choice. [caption id="attachment_4188" align="alignleft" width="245" caption="Best of Banff Award"][/caption] With no catchy name like Oscar or Emmy the trophies are colorful fused glass sculptures crafted by Leslie Rowe-Israelson and Melani Rowe of Twin Vision Glass. Selecting among 259 films from 32 countries a jury panel of 5 arduously picked Banff’s Best of Fest.
Banff, Film Festival, Film Review / 04.11.2010

[caption id="attachment_4153" align="aligncenter" width="422" caption="From the film Rev: A Buried Treasure."][/caption] They say that pornography is hard to define. But you know it when you see it. The term “ski porn” has been used to describe many of the fast-paced alpine thrill rides typical of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. But last night’s Snow Show was an eclectic mix of gratuitous free-based adrenalin mainlined with thoughtful expressions of art and brilliant cinematography.
Banff, Commentary, Film Festival, National Parks / 03.11.2010

There’s a fine line between dreams and destiny. Indulge in one, insist upon the other and both are inevitable. *

Just arrived at the 35th Annual Banff Mountain Film Festival!  This my second year attending and I couldn't be more excited. Just like before I’ll be reporting on the events surrounding this celebration of adventure culture and sharing the stories behind the athletes, artists and activists that inspire awe through film, literature and graphic images. But this time, by invitation of the Banff Center of Mountain Culture, I’m here as part of the program.