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Adventure Film Remembers Jonny Copp

Ten years since its inception the Adventure Film Festival is still going strong. And even though its creator, artist and climber Jonny Copp, has passed away, his spirit endures through a thriving community of supporters who every year gather in Boulder Colorado to celebrate the legacy of a great leader. The program has expanded to […]

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Expedition Denali: 50 Years Unforgotten

One year after Jim Whittaker and his team became the first Americans to summit Mount Everest another historic climb was achieved in Alaska. In 1964 along with 14 other climbers Charles Crenchaw became the first African-American to reach the top of Mount McKinley, also known as Denali. Achieving a height of 20,328 feet above sea […]

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The Adventurer’s Insurance Conumdrum

Throw yourself off a cliff and you only have yourself to blame for what happens next. The consequences of adventure sports are brought most clearly into focus when you think about what could go wrong in a pastime as dangerous as BASE jumping. Defined as a parachute leap from a building, antenna, span (bridge) or […]

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Cascada a kayak film with soul

    When the guys at Forge Motion Pictures wrote to tell me about their latest web movie Cascada they played it down as nothing special. “The new short film is pretty simple kayak porn with soul, 5 minutes,” they said via Facebook, “not anything too significant.” I beg to differ on all points but […]

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Exploring the Adventure Gap

WhenAlpinisteditor Katie Ives asked me to write a story about diversity in mountaineering, I was incredibly honored and more than a little thrilled. But upon deeper reflection, I realized to my chagrin that there were only so many writers she might have tapped to address this emerging issue in the world of adventure. As I […]

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