Urban Agriculture Exercise

It’s really cool to see the cycle come full circle. We just cracked open the last jar of pickles from the fall canning. And today we planted our first row of spring vegetables.  After a long cold winter we still have a little pesto left in the freezer and soon we’ll have fresh salad greens to enjoy through the summer. There’s a lot of satisfaction in knowing where your food comes from. And as the seasons change the same appetites for outdoor recreation compels us to spade the ground with the fervor of paddling a kayak or an SUP board or peddling our bikes.

We’re really lucky to have access to a community garden plot to grow just about anything we want. On top of busy schedules we carve out a little time to care for plants just as we make time to get outside for some exercise. It’s not always easy to do nor necessarily inexpensive. So We’re curious to know what do you do to insure that you have a safe supply of nutrious food?

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