Calling for Adventure Media

I’m no critic. I’m actually more of a commentator, and if you’re a creator of adventure inspired media I’m looking to tell your story.

Adventure media, movies, music, photographs and art, are in a genre all of their own. Truly unique expressions of active lifestyle culture, action pics, conservation documentaries, original songs, sculptures and paintings, help to fuel the passions of those eager for that next exciting journey. Artists, athletes and activists are cranking out hundreds of new works, feature films and web-based shorts that inspire a growing audience of millions around the world to both chase their dreams and fight to protect the wild places where they love to play. And the Joy Trip Project is where they meet to share their stories.

Now in it’s third season of production The Joy Trip Project is an independent blog and podcast series that follows those who make adventure media. Creating original content the JTP aggregates film reviews, personality profiles and interviews to a variety of news outlets on the web, in print and on radio. With direct blog access to sites including Wend Magazine, High Country News, Venture and USA Today Travel online the JTP is reaching a broad audience of readers and viewers. While other adventure journalist specialize in travel writing and product reviews The JTP focuses on the people that make adventure possible.

As we head into the spring and summer season I’ll be making the rounds of a few adventure inspired events. I’ll attend the 5Points Film Festival in Carbondale Colorado, the Mountain Film Festival in Telluride and the Banff Mountain Film Festival. If you’ve got a film in consideration for these or other events, a new book, a new song, a photo gallery or any other piece of adventure media consider this an open invitation to the share your work. I know there is a lot of art out there that details the events surrounding epic mountain climbs, thrilling whitewater descents and hairy downhill ski traverses. The JTP tells the stories of the artists, what motivates them to capture these compelling images or impressions and deliver such amazing tales. If you or someone who know would like a spot in adventure media landscape drop us a line and share what you’ve got.

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I’m a freelance journalist that specializes in telling stories about outdoor recreation, environmental conservation, acts of charitable giving and practices of sustainable living.