5Point on now in Carbondale

The 5Point Film Festival began with a high-energy celebration of adventure culture. Awards for the 5Point Dream Project highlighted the opening evening with a program of nine short movies hosted by the outdoor industry’s favorite MC Timmy O’Neil.

The New Belgium Brewing Company served up malted beverages to kick-off the festivities as filmmakers and movie lovers gathered to share their passion for adventure. All in a single venue 5Point offers up a cozy atmosphere to watch a variety of different action pics, some in their world premiere.

“I love the other festivals,” said Sweetgrass Productions filmmaker Zac Ramaras. “Don’t get me wrong. But here we get to hang out and talk to one another, share our ideas and be part of one big community.”

Held at the Carbondale Recreation and Community Center 5Point hosts a single audience of almost 1,000 people. “That’s bigger than most festival venues,” said local movie producer Anson Fogel. “Plus with incredible sound and one of the best projectors you can find anywhere there really isn’t a better place to watch these kinds of movies.”

Typically if you don’t see these high quality low budget flicks at a festival most often you’ll only see them on DVD or Internet download on your computer. But Fogel reformatted every film in the highest resolution for the very best visual display possible. Add to that a cheering crowd of friends you just might go skiing or climbing with soon and 5Point delivers an incredible package of inspiration.



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