The 30-Day Yoga Challenge

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Starting on November 1st I’ll begin the 2018 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Tour. Over the 30 days that follow I will take on another yoga challenge. This year though, instead of posting pictures of myself each day on Instagram and Facebook I want to invite my many friends and followers to join me in committing to 30 minutes of yoga or any form of physical exercise through the month of November. To participate just give me your name and email address, your Facebook and Instagram address and a bit of your yoga wisdom. Write a brief statement that describes what your practice of physical exercise means to you. How does it improve your life? (scroll down to register below)


Since 2015 I have worked with the U.S. Forest Service and the nonprofit Choose Outdoors to deliver the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree. Through much of November I travel with a team of dedicated professionals to share the story of an 80-foot evergreen tree as it makes its way from the site of its harvest in one of America’s great national forests  all the way to Washington D.C. At the end of its journey of more than 3,000 miles this gift to the American People is installed in front of the U.S. Capitol Building. There during the first week of December the People’s Tree is decorated and set alight for all the world to see.




This will be my fourth Capitol Christmas Tree Tour. Having delivered trees from Alaska, Idaho and Montana I’m very excited to travel with the 2018 tree from the Willamette National Forest in the state of Oregon. Following a reverse course of the Oregon Trail, which brought colonists from the East to settle in the Pacific Northwest, our journey just happens to also fall on the 50th anniversary year of National Trail System. For almost four weeks, we’ll visit more than 20 communities along our route. Stopping mostly in small towns and a few big cities, our goal is to share the importance of protecting our National Forests as well as the natural resources of our public lands. Acting as an ambassador of sorts, the People’s Tree represents millions of forested acres that enrich our atmosphere with oxygen, help to purify the water we use for both drinking and irrigating crops and provide recreational opportunities for people from all walks of life across America. In the true spirit of the Christmas season this tour helps to spread joy from one end our nation to other.


Really the only downside to my favorite Joy Trip Project of the year is the schedule. Throughout our time on the road I find myself profoundly challenged to lead a healthy lifestyle. With nightly hotel stays, restaurant meals eaten in haste, long hours of traveling by car and few opportunities for regular exercise it is so hard not to succumb to the strains of being sedentary. Last year I committed myself to a 30-Day program of a daily yoga practice. No matter where I was or what the day ahead promised to bring, I spent at least 30 minutes every morning in a session of yoga flow. It wasn’t particularly strenuous or difficult, but the commitment to a daily routine helped to set the tone for the many hours that followed. I found it was easier to also regularly eat nutritious meals and find a few extra minutes for a 3-mile walk or even a run. I sincerely believe that this practice helped moderated my attitude, making me much more energetic and productive in my work taking pictures and sharing the story of our time on the road. But most importantly, it made me happy just to take the time to take care of myself. This year I hope you will join me!


Just fill out the registration form below. I’ll be in touch by return email. I’ll ask you to send me a photograph of you in a yoga pose of your choice or some other active stance. I’ll post one yoga practitioner each day during the challenge. There will be at least 30! It’s my hope that your words and image will not only inspire me to keep going through the 30-day challenge, but to also encourage all those who commit themselves to participate.


Please share this link with those in your network who support your achieving your best possible self. Be sure to include the hashtag #JoyTripChallenge. And if you just so happen to find yourself along the route for the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree please find me and ask for a Joy Trip Project sticker!


Joyfully yours,





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